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Sneak Peek Inside Our Bags Sneak Peek Inside Our Bags

Sneak Peek Inside Our Bags

We travel with 4 suitcases and 4 carry-on bags. Everything we own is fitted into these 8 receptacles.  Because of our pared down minimalist lifestyle, we’ve learned to be smart about what is important for...
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Estate Sale Estate Sale

Estate Sale

In November 2016, John and I made the decision to join the ranks of traveling, housesitting nomads, which was, for us, monumental. We had a business and a lot of STUFF we had to get rid of to make our dream life...
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The Zapper The Zapper

The Zapper

John is a mosquito magnet.  He’s been this way since I’ve known him.  No matter how much toxic bug repellent he slathers on, they still seem to love taking a bite out of him.  Chiggers are...
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Adios Pinkie! Hola Stripe! Adios Pinkie! Hola Stripe!

Adios Pinkie! Hola Stripe!

We figured we'd take a leisurely stroll through San Juan, get an incredible deal on a new piece of luggage and then stroll back to the hotel.  A perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday morning in a beautiful city,...
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Luggage Lampoon Luggage Lampoon

Luggage Lampoon

Our plans have been to wander, as tourists, around San Juan before traveling to Fajardo then catch the ferry to Vieques. John booked us two nights in the Courtyard by Marriott  - San Juan Miramar and...
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