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Lend us your ears...

For my last birthday John got me audio recording equipment so we could start podcasting our travel, house sitting saga! I used to do radio and even a little stand-up comedy in a previous life, so maybe, just maybe, offering you the option of listening instead of reading, or listening while reading along or just looking at the pictures while listening will suit your fancy.

I'm an audio book fanatic so my earplugs are generally IN as I discover and get absorbed in the wonderful world of literature. I love it!

So let's see if you will too.

Barefoot Diary Podcast

You Have Options

We have almost completed recording all of our current blog posts. As soon as that is complete, as we add a new story we'll also do an accompanying podcast of that story. 

Option 1:
We've embedded each listening option right on our website's post so all you have to do is click "play." Easy Peasey!

Option 2:
Go to our Barefoot Diary Podcast page and you'll find a list with a short description about each story. Again, here, all you have to do is find the story you choose to listen to and click "play." Easy as pie!

Option 3: 
If you are on the go a lot or traveling, you can download the Podbean app at Google Play or Apple Apps for your phone or device. Once you've downloaded the app, just search for Barefoot Diary and you'll find a list of all our podcasts. Press "play" and go!

Option 4: 
We will soon be on iTunes.  Look for Barefoot Diary, choose the episode you want to listen to and click "play."

Tips for the Best Listening Experience

We have written our blog in chronological order (with 2 months off for Hurricanes Irma and Maria!) so it's best to start at Episode #1 and listen forward for continuity sake. 

Also the more followers we can pick up, the better exposure positioning we get, so we'd sure appreciate your support by following us.

This is all new to us, but we've been having a blast putting it all together.

And, as always, we sure hope you enjoy it and it makes you giggle!!!

Love & Hugs,

John and Anel

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