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We love games!!! If Jeopardy's Alex Trebek could fit in our luggage I'd take him along. Since that's never going to happen, here a few games and leisure items that we love.
28g Lion Darts Set
Great set of darts.
Big Fish Blast App Game
Colorful, easy and fun app! And it's FREE!
Darts Set
Every Wednesday, during our time in Belize, we've gone to Remo's Roadhouse for a rousing game of darts with many ex-pats, as well as, locals. The more we play, the more competitive we've become. John is much batter at it than me. Of course we had to get our very own darts set!

I love this game!  I've been playing it during "down" time since 2015. This is probably the closest I'll ever be to a full fledged gamer. The graphics are awesome, it's easy to figure out and the strategy is akin to chess with cards.  And, it's free!!!

Hydration Waistpack
I try to walk/run at least 3-4 times a week. If I'm going over 3 miles this handy belt, equipped with water bottles is a must. I especially like this belt because the bottles will pop right off and they don't dangle below the waist.
NYT Crossword Puzzle Books
I know, I know...we're geeks. Since we don't get newspapers while we're on the road, we always have a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle book handy. The best way to enjoy morning coffee!
Rock My Run
I LOVE THIS APP! If you are a walker or a runner this awesome selection of music mixes is for you. You can pick the steps per minute pace, as well as, the genre. It's a yearly fee to "beef up" the free app and for me, it's so worth it!
Run Double
This is the very best app to keep up with my walk/runs. It has interval cues or you can use one of the program plans to help you reach your fitness goals. It also saves all of your daily runs online along with a geo tracking map. For me, it's really cool to see how I was doing a year ago, or several years back! And did I mention, it's FREE!
Swim Goggles
We love the beach! These handy goggles not only allow us to see everything at our feet, but they have anti fog and UV protection. The case is handy for packing too!
Travel Scrabble
We have kept a running Scrabble score tally since 2005! How geeky is that? Maybe it's even geekier to admit it, but we LOVE Scrabble. To us, this is just as important as our first aid kit. Well, almost.
Waterproof Phone Pouch
If you are going to be doing much beach swimming, this is a must. Unless someone is babysitting your car, never leave anything valuable, especially phones, in it. Be smart!

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