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Although neither one of us is a gourmet chef, there are certain kitchen "musts" that are definitely worth the extra weight in our suitcases. There are a few of them.
Accusharp Kitchen Knife Sharpener
John swears by this handy little knife sharpener. This sharpener is very durable, stays outside and is great for keeping his machete razor sharp.
BBQ Basting Brush
John is an expert barbecue grill master! This handy little brush is our friend!
Ceramic Knife Set
Kitchen knives are very important to us. Here's the really cool set we travel with.
Collapsible Ice Chest
This handy ice chest is perfect for travel. We use it to transport frozen items from the market.
EasyVeggie Silicone Steamer
We love to cook healthy and never know what kitchen utensils are going to be available when we get to a place. This lightweight, flexible steamer goes with us everywhere.
French Press Coffee Maker
We are coffee snobs. After searching on the road for a decent french press, we decided to carry one with us. Now there's no more worrying about a cracked carafe and it keeps our java warmer, for longer, than our glass carafes. This one is awesome!
Infuser Water Bottle
I love infused water! This handy water bottle is super sturdy and is made from BPA-free plastic.
Kitchen IQ Knife Sharpener
John loves this handy, lightweight sharpener. This sharpener is super light and easily packs into our limited checked bags. It keeps all of our knives razor sharp and very handy when we're at a housesit where the kitchen knives have been abused or just plain dull.
Salad Spinner
Even though we don't travel with this item, if there is not one available at our house sit, we purchase one. We enjoy a lot of local fresh fruits and veggies and having a spinner to insure everything is washed properly is a must!
Travel Coffee Grinder
We are coffee snobs. This handy grinder has over 18 settings and is manual, which means if one of us sleeps in there's no more worrying about waking the other with the whirring of an electric grinder.
Travel Salt & Pepper Grinders
We are pretty picky about our spices. These handy grinders are always with us.
Zulay Knife Sharpener
John uses this handy, lightweight sharpener for knives that are really dull. It's bigger and heavier than the Kitchen IQ model (also listed on this page), but it is a workhorse for bigger and duller knives.

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