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We've been working on Spanish rather than any other languages so far, but here are a few language programs that we really like!
The lessons are short and the user interface is very frienly. This is John's favorite system! And, it's free!
Google Translate
This handy, free app has helped us so much. If you are traveling outside of your home country, where a different language is spoken, it would be a good idea to keep it handy! And it's now available offline!
Learn Spanish -- 5000 Phrases App
I love this free app for learning Spanish phrases.
Learn Spanish: Rosetta Stone
This package includes a 24-month subscription to this award winning platform.
Pimsleur Language Program
Great program! And since it is a program, it can be used offline.
Spanish Fun 6000 Words App
This free app has helped me more than anything with my Spanish vocabulary. It's colorful and has great images that, for me, has made learning Spanish a fun game!
Spanish Injection Game App
Spanish injection is a fun game where you have conversations in a cafe and bar with staff, friends and strangers.
One of the best programs for practicing conversational and story lines while learning a new language.

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