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The foundation for successful travel is always stellar luggage. Believe me, it took us a while to figure out what works best for us. Here's what we have, use and recommend.
Cord Organizer
I gave this organizer to John as a birthday present a few years back. It's been a life saver for organizing cables and chargers!
Dakine 100-Litre Split Roller Suitcase
Meet "Stripe!" This is the suitcase I bought when Pinkie pooped out. I love the quality of the Dakine products, the ease of manageability and the overall "look" of this sleek piece of luggage.
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior
After my beloved "Big Blue" lost a wheel and bit the dust when we traveled back to the U.S. to "reacclimate," after Maria, we replaced it with this awesome piece of luggage. I call this bag "Big Blue Two." Easy to manage, waterproof and guaranteed for life. I love it!
Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

The best way to organize and optimize space in your luggage is to use packing cubes.  We love the ones from Eagle Creek, because they are durable and there is a lifetime warranty for any Eagle Creek product.

Eagle Creek Trunk 30 Inch
This is John's workhorse bag. He really likes the design and the compartments. It's water proof. If it's not completely full it's easy to snug the straps making it smaller and easier to manage. He's owned a lot of bags that have traveled with him all over the world. This is his absolute favorite of them all. 5 Stars!!!!
Kenneth Cole 17.0” Computer Laptop Backpack
I get a lot of comments and "luggage envy" as I roll this incredible bag around airports. It's a backpack, as well as, a swivel rolling bag. My laptop, as well as, purse fits in nicely. Super Duper!
Luggage Scales
Before we purchased this handy luggage scale I was constantly going over my allotted 50 lb limit with my luggage. You don't want any surprises as you check in at the airport.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Zipper Wallet Case
I love that I can fit my phone in this wallet and carry it like a purse or in a fanny pack. It's magnetic so a phone will not slip out.
Sewing Kit
Buttons pop off, seams rip, etc., etc., etc. This handy sewing kit has saved us and our clothes many times!

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