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We are both big time geeks! For me, our tech gizmos are more precious than our clothes! Here's some that we recommend. Really cool stuff!
Micro USB Charging Cables
I'm really tough on USB charging cables. Mine always seemed to fray at the plug-in part. I went through them like crazy, until I found these braided ones. This pack is an assortment of four sizes. Super reliable and sturdy!
4TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive

Having been in the graphics and web development biz, we appreciate the need for an external hard drive to save documents and photos.  John has one of these and I do too.  It comes in an array of colors too!

Anker USB 3.0 7- Port Data and Charging Hub
If you have multiple devices like external hard drives, cameras, digital mouses, etc., that all plug into your laptop or computer, then make it easy with a data port. We love this one, because it acts as a charging station as well. Any device that is multi-use like this gets 5 stars in our book!
Bluetooth Headset
This is the headset that John has. Great sound quality, wireless, lightweight and water proof.
Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker
This little awesome speaker has been with us all over the world. It works well with any bluetooth enabled device. We love it, because it's portable and doesn't weigh very much!
Fire TV Stick

We have never had cable TV, but we do enjoy watching movies and binge watching TV series. If you have Internet connection and a smart TV, this handy little gadget, when plugged into the TV will "save your place" and easily pull up all your favorite shows.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard

I LOVE this keyboard! With the flip of a dial I can use it for my laptop, my tablets and my phone.  It's super easy to sync and makes messaging and working with a tablet or my Surface Pro so much easier!  You should know that it does weigh 1.8 lbs, but I usually keep it with me in my carry-on bag.  It is versatile in that it can be used with Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Chrome OS and all Android devices.  One of the best travel purchases I've ever made! 

John borrowed it a couple of times when his laptop keyboard died. He ordered one for himself and now ignores the faulty laptop keyboard.
Portable Solar Charger
We wish we had had this charger after Hurricane Maria, in Puerto Rico. When the mail was finally operational our friends Tom and Sue received one of these awesome gadgets from friends. If you are going to be anywhere where there is a threat of losing power, this charger is a MUST!
Power Strip Tower Electric Charging Station
Another multi-use must! When we were in post hurricane mode, our friends had one of these nifty chargers and we got one too. It will charge via an A/C plug or a USB, and it swivels!!!
Sky Roam
WiFi hotspot for 120+ countries! You can buy the Hotspot and purchase daily or monthly usage packages. Or you can rent one and pay for only the days of use. The advantages and specs are too numerous to mention, so check out there website for the complete information. We used one of these while traveling around Costa Rica and loved it.

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