Meet John

Meet Anel

Road warrior extraordinaire…Retired medical engineer/project manager…our man behind the cameraMr. Fixit when something breaks…Sailor…Diver…Award winning home beer brew meister…beach lover…hates shoes…prefers flip flops.

Cartoonistwriter…graphic artist…former website developer…runner/walker…was a theatre teacher and gym owner…Wonderwoman with a do-rag…story teller…adventure finder…loves Jeopardy and Scrabble…hates shoes…barefoot runner.

Our Story

We had a five year plan.

Work, save up a lot of bucks, then, hit the road.
At first we thought about buying or managing a boutique hotel or bed and breakfast, but realized that we weren’t ready, just yet, to give up our freedom to wander.  We both have a serious travel addiction. We never really bought into living the “American Dream.”  Our dream was global and involved any place we’d never been.
Then we discovered house sitting.  If you are not familiar with it, here’s the scoop.  
People who are going on vacation or short business trips, traditionally have depended upon friends or family to oversee care of their pets and home.   But when pets, plants, pools or homes require more care and attention than a friend popping in to feed the cat and bring in mail, they need house sitters.  It’s a win-win, sweet deal for both sides.  Home owners received free and reliable pet and home care, while sitters have a place to stay, have pets to love on, and have an opportunity to travel to some extraordinary places around the world.  
It was a no-brainer for us.
So, in 2016, when things started getting “confusing” in the US, we accelerated our plan, sold our home, sold Anel’s business and our cars, and reduced our belongings to 4 suitcases.
And now, we are house sitters…and loving it!
This blog chronicles everything that we’ve done (or forgotten to do) that has gotten us to this point.  We tell the nitty gritty of each recent adventure as well as our previous travel exploits. 
John snaps photos.  Anel writes it down.  
And, we hope you ENJOY!

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