The Butcher, The Baker & The Chocolate Maker

One of our favorite things about traveling to new places can be summed up in one word:  FOOD! 

Although we’re not food experts, we do appreciate the culinary differences between blah, good, and mmmm-mmmm grrrreat! When we were in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, food was scarce. Trips to the grocery store (when it was open) were more like foraging rather than shopping. We settled for “blah” which included MREs and whatever we could find on the shelves, just to stay alive. We’re over that.  Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Each locale and culture we’ve experienced has its own unique food signature. From taco stands to 5-star bistros, we’re “game” for tasting and feasting on it all.

Care Packages

One year ago today we were on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico when Irma morphed me from a hurricane amateur, into a hurricane whiz.  Unfortunately, when Maria hit ten days later, I became a hurricane pro.  

Well folks, I hate to break it to you, but it looks like it’s happening again. This morning, when I checked my phone, I had three tropical storm/hurricane warnings flashing! Three! Florence, Isaac and Helene! September is definitely hurricane month for this part of the planet. They happen. They are serious business and should be taken seriously when they occur.

After what we experienced last year, we’ve had quite a few people ask us what they could have sent and could have done to help people that are suffering through hurricane disasters.  So we’ve given it some thought.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We’ve found it. Our favorite local hangout watering hole here in Belize.

Gimlets? No. Mint Juleps? Sorry. Apple Martinis? Not a chance. 

It’s just not this pub’s style. Let’s try again.

How does this sound to you? The coldest Belikin beer in Belize with a side flask of Caribbean Rum…with your name taped on it. Or throwing darts with a group of locals and expats that make you feel like family. Maybe incredible Belizean cuisine sounds yummy to you.  Or how about an ex-pat proprietor that knows his way around everything Belize and has the charm and larger-than-life wit of a Vegas headliner. Maybe you’re into that “bar around the corner” atmosphere…the place that feels like home.  

It doesn’t matter. You’re going to fall in love with Remo’s Roadhouse. We have.

Sneak Peek Inside Our Bags

July 1, 2018 The World About five years ago, John and I traveled from Dallas to Washington state to visit my son, Scott, during the Christmas holidays. John was still an executive road warrior at that time and had TSA security clearance that allowed him to breeze through the check in process like a superhero.  I, on […]

You Don’t Have to Be DEAD to Have an Estate Sale

In November 2016, John and I made the decision to join the ranks of traveling, housesitting nomads which was, for us, monumental. In February 2017, we arranged our very first house sit (June through November) on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico, which was super exciting. We were in a euphoric state of glassy-eyed bliss for a few days, at the prospect of how our lives were about to change.  Then, KA-BOOM, reality set in.  We had a business and a lot of STUFF we had to get rid of to make our dream life happen.

So, here’s how we did it.

Holy Cow!

I once read somewhere that the oldest child makes the rules, the middle kids are the reason for the rules, and the rules don’t apply for the baby of the family.  It was certainly the case with David (we call him Pooh).  In fact, had he been born first, the rest of us would probably not be here. As hard as my poor parents, grandparents and Dub, Della and I tried to control him, David, in his early years, was a holy terror.  

Here’s what I mean.  

Beware the Ta Ta Duende

We’re loving it here in Belize. The landscape is breathtaking, the wildlife is awesome, the climate is perfect, the people are hospitable and friendly, and their children are polite, well-behaved and respectful.  In fact, the Belizean kids, that we’ve seen, actually pay attention and mind their parents and adults.  Hmm. Having been a teacher many years ago, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s not like this everywhere.  Upon asking around as to why this is so, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of Belizean tales and folklore that make the Grimm brothers look like Mr. Rogers. With bedtime stories like the ones I’ve heard, no wonder the children around here are such darlings, they are scared not to be! 

Where To Find the Perfect House Sit

April 10, 2018 The World Have you ever seen a t-shirt with this emblazoned on the front? John threatens to buy one every time we see one in a souvenir shop.  I can’t help it.  I’m an Internet nerdy girl. Sometimes it serves me well when Jeopardy is on, but as I get older, I […]

Home Sweet House Sit

Remember the old Doris Day song, “Que Sera, Sera?” In the song, Doris, as a little girl, wife and finally mother poses some poignant questions.  I love the third verse: 

“When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my lover, what lies ahead
Will we have rainbows 
Day after day
Here’s what my lover said
Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be…”

I’ll bet the song is going through your mind now, right? Sorry if I created an earworm, but it’s a great song. Did you realize it won both an Oscar AND a Grammy?

Anyway, if you are anything like us (and Doris in the song) you’ve dreamed about your adulthood goals for a long time. And, as you get older, like us, perhaps you’ve realized that now is the time to do something about making your dreams a reality. 

We found our “Que Sera” through housesitting, and here’s a few of the many reasons we love it:

Stairway to Heaven

Imagine yourself being dropped right smack dab into the middle of an Indiana Jones adventure.  That’s what visiting a Mayan ruin is like…sans the bad guys!  Exploring, climbing, and squeezing through narrow passages makes each ruin site a lot like jungle gyms for adults and one of the most fun things we’ve done while housesitting places in Mexico and Belize. 

Visiting the ruin sites have also provided history lessons (check out our post “The Magnificent Maya”) about things that made us go “hmmm,” and are a unique way to connect with an incredible people that lived here thousands of years ago. The Greeks and Romans came up with very little that the Mayans hadn’t already thought of.  But then again, as far as history goes, the Greeks and Romans got more publicity!