Celebrating with Royalty

For at least 100 years scientists and nature lovers have studied and tracked the 3000-mile migratory path of the monarch butterflies. We got to get up close and personal with these ultra insect athletes here in Mexico. And it just happened to be on John’s birthday.


This is not going to be a political or judgmental story. Whether or not you choose to have a covid vaccination is your own business. We chose to be vaccinated, and this is the tale of everything we went through here in Mexico to get “the jab.” Believe me, it wasn’t easy.

When Cake is King

Here in Mexico, the Christmas season seems to go on forever. Well, not exactly forever, but it does gos on past the New Year, until February. Today, January 6th, is a huge part of the celebration. Today is Dia de Los Reyes, Three Kings Day, also known as Epiphany.