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Goodbye Dallas. Hello San Juan.

Carrollton, Texas

When you know that you have to be at a certain place, at a certain time early in the morning, it’s hard to sleep the night before. Such was our case when June 1st finally arrived. 

We were like zombies as we went through the motions at the airport, John sailing through gates, doorways and security stiles like the pro that he is, me clunking behind with Pinkie and Big Blue.  I had at least 4 people ask me if I needed help. John acted like he didn’t know me.

Once both of my albatrosses were checked, we became a couple again.  We ate, which always makes mornings more tolerable, and then boarded the plane.

We flew American Airlines. During the flight, I finally got to see the latest version of Beauty and the Beast (awesome movie) and Hidden Figures (another superb flick) as John snapped photos out the window.  If we have to fly coach, we always get seats by the escape doors because of the leg room.  Thus, we have a library of plane wing shots in our photo gallery.

As we touched down in San Juan, I already had devised a plan.  I had cash stashed in my pocket and was willing to pay for help getting Pinkie and Big Blue into a taxi.  I’m pretty sure the DFW airport people had phoned ahead and let the San Juan people know about the crazy lady with huge, colorful bags coming their way because there was a plethora of cute, young Latino airport employees there to help.  Yay!

Of course getting luggage assistance was beneath John.  He, unlike me, had his act together and kept his distance as I yacked it up with local hottie named Chuey who had muscles, and more importantly, a luggage cart.

I warned Chuey that he might need sunglasses once Pinkie and Big Blue dropped onto the luggage carousel.  I admit I have a flare for the dramatic which is mirrored with baggage that “stands out.” When they finally “dropped” all he said was, “Wow!”

When he realized that John and were together, he grabbed John’s bags and put them onto his cart alongside mine.  John gave me his famous “really?” glare.  To which I ogled back to him “just go with it!”

At that point we both broke out in ear-to-ear grins that were as flashy as my luggage, because we had made it…we were actually living our big dream.

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