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Mango Munch Festival

Vieques, Puerto Rico

We’d heard that the horse to human ratio here on Vieques was about 1:3. One horse to every three people. According to the latest census, the island’s population is right around 8000, so sharing the roads, parking lots, beaches, etc., with the horses is a way of life here.

After doing our morning workout, we were sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee when I saw a pod of horses (do horses run in pods?) prance by our kitchen window. Obviously, we had left the front gate open. Can’t say that we’d ever had that happen in Dallas!

Now remember, we have mangos out the wazoo here, and these beautiful creatures made their way down to the bottom part of the property to enjoy a breakfast feast of the scrumptious fruits.

At first we thought that we should shoo them out of the yard, but as we watched them munch down, we decided that it would save us a lot of time in mango management if we just let them have at it.

In fact, we’re thinking about putting up this sign on the front gate:

“Mango Munch Festival Celebrated Daily ~ Horses Welcome”

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