I Get By With a Little Help From My Book Club

When you live on the road like we do, it’s easy to meet a lot of people. This is a really cool thing. However, when you live on the road, like we do, making close, personal friends, the kind you can call on at any hour to advise or help out with the latest mess you’ve gotten yourself into, doesn’t come easy. That’s why we consider ourselves so blessed to have made close, personal friends here in Belize that will remain in our hearts and part of our lives forever, whether we see them or get to be with them ever again. 

With that said, I’m switching gears.

Have you seen the movie Book Club? It was released this past year and stars Candice Bergen, Jane Fonda, Diane Keaton and Mary Steenbergen. With headliners like these it piqued my interest. The characters are all about my age, kinda whacky and love to read books. I knew I had to see it. 

The Hurricane Diet


This was a story that was written last Halloween while we were still on Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. No electricity, no running water, no cell reception and no Internet. Thus, no posting! Halloween came and went and this one didn’t make it to the website.  So we thought that we’d share it with you this year and hope that you enjoy!

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We’ve found it. Our favorite local hangout watering hole here in Belize.

Gimlets? No. Mint Juleps? Sorry. Apple Martinis? Not a chance. 

It’s just not this pub’s style. Let’s try again.

How does this sound to you? The coldest Belikin beer in Belize with a side flask of Caribbean Rum…with your name taped on it. Or throwing darts with a group of locals and expats that make you feel like family. Maybe incredible Belizean cuisine sounds yummy to you.  Or how about an ex-pat proprietor that knows his way around everything Belize and has the charm and larger-than-life wit of a Vegas headliner. Maybe you’re into that “bar around the corner” atmosphere…the place that feels like home.  

It doesn’t matter. You’re going to fall in love with Remo’s Roadhouse. We have.