Adios Pinkie, Hola Stripe

The first Sunday of our big adventure started with so much promise because we had a plan. We were up bright and early and enjoyed the Holiday Inn breakfast and a quick dip in the hotel pool. It was time to do something about Pinkie, my humongous hot pink rolling duffel that had made my life miserable the past few days.

Luggage Lampoon

Our plans have been to wander, as tourists, around San Juan before traveling to Fajardo then catch the ferry to Vieques. John booked us two nights in the Courtyard by Marriott – San Juan Miramar and then two nights at the Holiday Inn – San Jose.

The hotel switch happened today and was a bit traumatic. The events of the day sealed the doom for Pinkie.

Here’s what happened.

Old San Juan

This was John’s second trip to Old San Juan, my first. I was amazed at how beautiful and clean it was. Full of statues, history, friendly people and old world charm. There was something cool around every corner, so, we wandered.

The highlights of our day included: