Doctor Doctor

With the ever rising cost of pharmaceuticals, many of us have turned to the power of herbs to mend, improve, ease, soothe and even cure what ails us. Maybe I should say “turned back” to the power of herbs. Think about it.  Healing with herbs has been around for a long, long time. When our pioneer ancestors tended to earaches, bumps, bruises, upset stomachs and other illnesses, they didn’t have corner drugstores. Instead they relied on common sense and gardens, as well as, pantries well-stocked with herbal remedies.  

Roughly 25% of the world’s medicines are derived from exotic plants that are found right here in Belize. Here, it’s referred to as “bush medicine” and many of the remedies have Mayan origin.  In fact, many native Belizeans prefer the use of various local plant leaves, seeds, roots and flowers before even considering a trip to a doctor or hospital. 

The most impressive thing about these natural cures is that often a trek through the jungle is not necessary. Many grow along the roadside, in vacant lots and in people’s yards. You just have to know where to look and what to look for. Or you can find an expert herbal medicine woman (or man) to guide you through where to find each plant and even help you prepare these herbal cure-alls.. 

We found such a paragon when we met Kim Ringland.