The Butcher, The Baker & The Chocolate Maker

San Ignacio, Belize

One of our favorite things about traveling to new places can be summed up in one word:  FOOD! 

Although we’re not food experts, we do appreciate the culinary differences between blah, good, and mmmm-mmmm grrrreat! When we were in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane Maria, food was scarce. Trips to the grocery store (when it was open) were more like foraging rather than shopping. We settled for “blah” which included MREs and whatever we could find on the shelves, just to stay alive. We’re over that.  Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Each locale and culture we’ve experienced has its own unique food signature. From taco stands to 5-star bistros, we’re “game” for tasting and feasting on it all.

We’ve had several requests, from our readers, for more information about what types of food is available in each area we visit. We listen and we aim to please!  We’ve added a new section just for recipes called…duh…RECIPES. We’ve included some of our family favorites, as well as, some really yummy things we’ve picked up through our travels.  

To get the ball rolling (and your stomach growling) we are starting with a series of posts called The Butcher, The Baker, and the Chocolate Maker.

The Butcher: Bringing Home the Bacon

This story involves our Belizean friends, Ed and Peg, and how they won the local Cinco de Mayo cook off with their many styles of bacon wrapped goodies.  Yep, they won out over John’s Green Chili and my Margarita Cupcakes.  Bacon trumps peppers and tequila any day!  We didn’t stand a chance. Read more

The Baker:  Cooking Belizean with Chef Rick

For years, we’ve been fortunate to have friends that know their way around a kitchen. But here in Belize, we’ve been blessed to find super friends in Rick and Cheri! To top it off, Rick was a professor and the head of a culinary school in California.  Believe me, whenever this pair asks us over for dinner, we say YES!!! Read more

The Chocolate Maker: AJAW Chocolate

Did you know that chocolate, as we know it today, had its roots in the tropical rain forests of Central America? The ancient Maya, Aztec and Olmec civilizations fermented, roasted and ground cacao bean into a paste that they mixed with water, honey, and other spices to make a wonderful frothy “drink of the gods.” At AJAW Chocolate & Crafts we learned to stone grind cacao beans and drink the hot chocolate just like a Mayan! Read more

If you are a foodie, you’re going to love these stories.  If you are not a food junkie, we aim to get you there, one bite at a time!

Mmmmm mmmmm good! 

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